Seeks Engineering College Ismailia to produce graduates qualified in Engineering disciplines and provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to serve the labor market institutions and the performance of their professional duties, And contribute to scientific progress through graduate programs, In addition to improving performance professionalism required by employers through advisory services and applied research and training programs for the development of the And community service locally and regionally.

 The Faculty of Engineering programs aim to provide students with the necessary skills and abilities to solve and address problems design, executive and management to meet the needs of society and achieve their ambitions. And will be achieved through a comprehensive educational program and ambition based on the definition of the theoretical underpinnings and practical applications and the development of communication skills verbal and written, in addition to the development of computer skills and applications and hands-on practice. The program also aims to prepare graduates for the work of the engineering profession different people, whether in or outside the community in light of keeping pace with the development of science.

Strategic objectives of the College

1- Development and modernization programs and curricula and teaching methods.
2- Development system support students and graduates.
3- Continuous assessment of the educational process and assess their effectiveness.
4- Develop the capacity and skills of faculty members and their assistants and the criteria for evaluating the performance.
5- Development of financial and material resources and human resources for the College.
6- Development and modernization of the administrative system altogether.
7- Deepen the use of information technology in the educational process.
8- Develop skills for academic and administrative leadership college.
9- Development of scientific research and graduate studies.